Free Shipping on domestic orders!***Enter FREESHIP when checking out*****$15 Minimum Purchase*****
Free Shipping on domestic orders!***Enter FREESHIP when checking out*****$15 Minimum Purchase*****
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I'm Finally Reopening My Website and Offering FREE Shipping!

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After a long hiatus, I'm finally reopening my store! Please bear with me while I update my products with some exciting new Border Collie gifts! To celebrate, I'm offering FREE Shipping for all orders over $15!

I work at an animal shelter in Southern California and we've had one thing after another happen. It started with the Thomas Fire in 2017, then we had the Woolsey Fire in 2018. Working at an animal rescue is not easy during these massive fires. At one time, we had about 100 evacuated horses and many other animals including pigs, dozens of goats, mini burros, alpacas, chickens, ducks, a peacock, and even two parrots. We had over 300 evacuated animals in our care! It was a busy but rewarding time for us knowing how many people we helped and also heartbreaking for those that lost their homes. So many were grateful that their animals were being cared for. I can't say enough about our staff. They are incredible and worked with no sleep 24/7. I'm proud to be part of this amazing group of people.

My Office Turned Into a Kennel for These Five Evacuated Dogs!

2019 was a time for us to reflect on the prior two years. We ran some campaigns to increase our ability to take in even more animals when the need arises and it will. We started an Emergency Response Team and we were able to start having our holiday events again.

Just when things were getting back to normal, 2020 began and we had to go in a different direction. We had to close our doors to public walk-throughs and we've now been closed for almost a year. We've had to figure out how to continue providing critical services to the public. Our spay/neuter clinic is operating and we are still taking in and adopting out animals. Our Humane Officers are still on the road checking on our county's animals. I'm working from home and had to turn my sewing studio into an office. It's been difficult!

I adopted a cute kitty to keep me company!


I made masks.....lots of them.....and I was tired!

Unfortunately, once again, the holiday events were cancelled including our Purrs & Paws Holiday Marketplace. I look forward to this event and it would have been our 9th year. I not only run the event and choose the vendors, I planned on participating as a vendor! I also sell in a museum gift shop that had to close. My outlets for selling my items were gone and it's time I started sewing and creating so I'm excited about selling online again!

Please take a look around my store. I'm planning on adding several new creations including more Border Collie items! I've had requests for Border Collie handbags so that is in the works and will be coming very soon! If you have any ideas, please let me know!

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    Thank you for all you do! I’m looking forward to seeing your new creations. You always make beautiful items!

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